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Requirements Capture

Ritchie work with customers to understand the issues faced: from a concept idea to a physical problem we can work with notes, sketches or CAD drawings. This stage is crucial in being able to provide businesses with an accurate quotation and develop the product needed.

Concept Design

Whilst Ritchie will already have some idea of the conceptual solution design for quoting purposes, the Ritchie engineering team will flesh out the product requirements, functionality and create 3D CAD Inventor models.

Detailed Design

Upon agreeing a conceptual design, Ritchie will undertake the detailed design with full CAD drawings, which provide a way of integrating the solution with other equipment and internally allow the job to process through the shop with full manufacturing drawings. All products are designed with user, operator and product safety as a priority.


Using the established supply chain raw materials are procured and delivered to site. Materials are cut down, prepared, formed, fabricated and assembled to the highest standard. Onsite galvanising and painting facilities to apply protective coatings are available. If in-house capability or on-site capacity is not available the company will use their fully vetted and established network of vendors. Full details of in-house Manufacturing Capability can be found: here.


Products are certified in accordance with product load and drop testing requirements. Specially designed calibrated equipment is used in order to ensure this is completed accurately and in a safe, controlled manner.


An MoD approved supplier, the company operates to stringent BSI standards (ISO BS EN 9001:2008), and has been since 1988. Welding procedures are approved via Lloyds/DNV. Traceability of materials, processes and products is standard. Accredited with the UK’s first DNV Manufacturing Survey Arrangement, Ritchie offer an extremely cost effective certification regime. Products supplied to:

  • DNV 2.7-1
  • DNV 2.7-3
  • EN 12079
  • EN 13769
  • ISO 10961
  • TPED
  • IMDG
  • IMO / MSC Circular 860


With our own fleet of transport vehicles, Ritchie have flexibility to tailor delivery requirements.